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Do you really want to fit ?

Do you really want to fit ?

You don't need to raise your shoulders or seek what it is you are not close to. All you need do is to be calm and steady, seeking only the traits that will promote your life.
We all want to be praised and be seen as great men and women -" the craving of a man is to be appreciated." Time is the most influential property here, which is fuelled by patience. Before you make any mistakes trying to fit in due to certain obligations, ask yourself why you need to. This question brings out the ugly and beautiful part in you. Here are some things to note:
*Why should I fit in? *Do I need to do this? *Is it right for me to put my hands on issues I can't resolve? Try to analyse your potentials at this square. Remember no one is perfect, so seek aid from folks older than you are.
*What do I want to fit into? The second step is to analyse what you want to fit into. Do you want to do what others are practicing because it's compulsory? If it is necessary, what part, do you want to put in. We have a situation whereby young boys and girls imitate other peer group while they have other obligations to fulfill. They share themselves with their new discoveries and don't seize the time to duly seek the part they are supposed to be in.
*Am I prepared to go an extra mile? *Am I really prepared for a new phase? *Will accepting something strange affect my life? *Does it really count?
These questions help to maintain a distinct relationship with the self and its conflicts. You don't need to do what you aren't prepared for, don't waste time doing irrational things - if it is not worth it don't do IT!
* What kind of peer group, environment and other peripheral obligations do I want to fit into? Young girls and boys are mostly influenced by the peer group they belong to, the environment they are in and the kind of activities (peripheral), they participate in. Youth can't influence his/her(self), and aid is needed.
Thus, at every opportunity it's always right to know the kind of life you want and the kind of friends you want to have. Life is beautiful, you don't have to try hard to fit in because others are in it! All you need do is to Wait, Work, Analyse and Discover what you are good at.

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