How money should work (Rephrasing; If I was a Millionaire)

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I have always been proud of being a teetotaller. It was a principle that I associated with my life from the very young days and to this day I have lived my life adhering to it with fierce commitment. Presently, I am interning at the Sri Lanka Anti-Narcotics Association, an organisation which works towards realising a drug- and alcohol-free nation.

But sadly, alcohol seems to be a ‘sport for the trendy’ in our island nation today.

‘Statistics’ say that alcoholism is on the decline, but the ground realities prove otherwise. I, being an activist on the subject, have painfully observed how youngsters fall for this in large numbers. And as with every social issue this has one root cause: attitude problems.

Every single hour, piles of money are spent in producing, marketing and consuming gallons of alcohol.

This is why I always ask myself; why cannot money be used for abating alcohol instead of spreading it.

When I found that I was to do a post on the theme If I was a millionaire: what problem I would solve and how I immediately thought of this issue which has been worrying me. It was not difficult to conclude that this is something I should work on if I become a millionaire someday.

I believe that awareness is key in tackling this problem. According to what I’ve seen, most of the youngsters who are engulfed by the alcohol menace are in fact blindfolded by the belief that drinking is cool. What they should be made aware of is that gastrointestinal disorders, erectile dysfunction and premature death, among many other risks, are not so ‘cool’.

I feel that it is a social responsibility of mine to invest in effective and convincing awareness programmes with a substantial outreach, especially aimed at the underprivileged and the vulnerable groups who are being targeted by huge corporates who make money by selling poison. I would utilise resources available to me to develop a mechanism which mainstreams youth groups who are deprived of a proper education (due to various reasons ranging from poverty to ignorance) by letting them take part in educational, skill development and vocational engagements. I believe that such initiatives would divert people’s attention from alcohol to productive work.

And that I guess, is money well spent.

You can learn more about the engagements of Sri Lanka Anti Narcotics Association here:

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