How to handle rejection in your life

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As a growing child, I read a story about Cain and Abel. When God rejected Cain's sacrifice, he couldn't believe he was rejected and he couldn't contain it. So, he decided to take out Abel whom God had chosen his sacrifice.

This is a reminder that a lot of people don’t seem to understand how to handle rejection. So much negativity can build a construction company in your heart if you have not yet learned the act of handling rejection.

You need to educate yourself that no one is above rejection. You can be shoved aside, irrespective of the fact that you are a great fellow.

Rejection can come at any time if our lives. The question is, are you prepared? Being turned down can destroy your self-esteem, lead to bitterness, suicidal thoughts, depression, suicide, hatred and many other issues.

Don't be caught off guard. Prepare for it. Rejection can happen in a relationship setting, work setting, family setting and life generally.

In a relationship, ask yourself, can I date myself? If your answer is yes, then rejection from your partner might be their own fault, their unhealthy self-esteem, their battles, and not necessarily your fault.

But if it is your fault, get up, dust yourself off and improve on your character, qualities, and self-esteem. Someone better will sweep you off your feet. Just prepare your heart and mind. No rebounds.

In the work setting, when refused employment, don't feel sad, try to understand the reason for the rejection. If it requires that you improve and work on your Resume/CV or rebrand yourself, don't hesitate, do that, be positive and go back.

I remember watching America’s Got Talent, this year. The contestant who got David's golden buzzer had come on the show some years earlier and the judges said he wasn't good enough. David's words hurt him but he channeled those words positively and dazzled the crowd this season.

In some cases, employers might feel your qualifications are too high and they can't afford you. Some others don't understand your value and worth especially where employment opportunities may not be based on merit, and sometimes you are overlooked.

In the family, some parents discriminate between their most intelligent children and the others and sometimes they compare you to your counterparts and mates. Remember, everyone has their time to shine bright, just be patient and consistent with yourself. Don't loss interest.

So never let the rejection you are facing define who you truly are, or your values and worth.

It's a temporary phase; a process that will mould you to be a great person. See the positive side of it.

Be good at being great and if rejected try again!

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