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What do I need to make an Instagram video?

Smartphone (Ideally with internet access) – you can upload it right away!

Instagram Video Mobile Application which you can download for free.

If you don't have Instagram yet, but want to download it to your smartphone:

Download for Android and Download for Apple

How do I record a video?

- Tap on the record button at the bottom of the app

- Switch from camera to video!

- Press and hold the red record button to begin shooting

- Lift your finger off the button to stop recording

- Tap NEXT to add a filter and share your video

How do I take multiple videoclips?

- Simply lift your finer off the red camera recording button to pause recording

- You can delete a previous clip in your video by tapping the “x” and then tapping the trash can to confirm

- Keep in mind, the maximum video length is 15 seconds

Need more help? Visit the Instagram Help Center

How do I produce a better video?

- Get inspired by the 7 topics on VOY

- Check out what's trending in blog post conversations

- What are we debating in the community?

- Brainstorm your story beforehand with some friends

- Keep your clips to 2 or 2.5 seconds if you can. Instagram videos are 15 seconds long

- Don't want sound? Hold your finger over your phone's microphone

- You can record voiceovers separately using your phone or computer

Tips & Tricks- Move & Record:

- Record a few reusable clips such as shots of your friend on a bike or your friend on a bike cycling away from you.

- Stop moving. Set the phone down on a steady surface or, if you have a tripod, use that.

- If you're holding the phone, lock your arms by extending them straight in front of you to minimize the movement. If you must move while shooting, walk heel to toe for a smoother shot.

- Stay in an area with stable light. Quick movements between dim and bright lights will not appear correctly- the phone doesn't have time to autocorrect. Going for a silhouette look? Try a back-light.

Any tips on editing my video?

- The easiest way to edit is to shoot the video directly within Instagram app

- Videos can be 3 – 15 seconds

- As you're shooting, you can actually delete segments of your video (You can only delete your most recent segment. You can't delete the first, otherwise you'll have to delete the whole thing)

- Think your video is complete? Hit the NEXT button. You can replay your video, apply a filter, and watch your Instagram video

How do I submit it to VOY?

- Click on the blue icon “create a post

- Choose your type of post as a VIDEO

- Create your title, Choose your language, Tag your Post

- Once you have uploaded your Instagram to your account, COPY and PASTE the URL into the MEDIA URL

- Feel free to enter any text

- Select the appropriate related topics

- Save, Preview, Submit & wait for a small delay in approval from the VOY team. Thanks in advance for your patience!

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