How to spot the toxic people in your life

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Toxic people: we have all had one in our life, and we all know that they are the worst. They bring you down, they make you feel just awful about yourself, all the while pretending that they have your back.

You can have a friend who is toxic, a boyfriend or girlfriend, and even a family member can be a toxic person in your life. I want to tell about how you can see a toxic person and how to deal with them.

Here is the thing, a toxic person is sometimes very hard to see, because they have us convinced that they are our best friend. So you have to be careful, a true friend will always tell you the true, even when is not what you want to hear. A true friend will be there every single time you screw up, a true friend will support you and will do everything to make you feel good about yourself, a true friend will never make you feel bad about something you love. So, a toxic person may seem like there are always there for you every time you call, but you need to notice how that person responds to your problems, is that person actually concerned about you and wants what is best for you? Or just wants to get something out from you and gets annoyed at your problems?

A toxic person will also bring you down with "little jokes"; they will take some things that you told them in privacy because you trust them with that information and they will use that against you at every chance they get. They will treat anything like a competition, and hurt you just to get their way. Of course, they will say they are sorry and try to convince you that they never meant to hurt you. And yes, even true friends will screw up sometimes and hurt you, but the difference is that their apologies are sincere and they won't make the same mistake, but a toxic person? They will keep doing it regardless of how hurt you are.

And the most important advice I can give is this: a toxic person will always feel wrong, even though you don't want to admit it, it will. It just doesn't work, and don't ever force something that doesn't feel right. A true friend will always feel right, and I can assure you, the moment you get rid of that toxic person your life will get better.

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