I Am an Advocate For Youth!

no picture Brown Ehikioya Victor
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I have seen people change and at the same time witnessed a retrograde in youths. I have been around areas where there is no hope for light and peace, but in this same situation some people still survive. I have been around youth, boys and girls, that have made life difficult for themselves due to lack of knowledge. And my countenance has dwindled, because I have witnessed a holocaust of ruined lives in the past, even now. I love peace and the prospect it brings. I love sanctuary - a foundation laid on the rocks of simplicity and the arm of justice. I stand against the illegal acts displayed by the so-called governmental body. I stand against rape, child abuse and its associated acts.

I stand against the malfunctioning of child rights and value - I stand for a change, as an "advocate." I stand as a youth, not a man, alone, but with men who are the colony of change. "A man cannot be a faculty, men can. The necessity of change begins with not one man, but with the uniformity of all" (Victor Omovbude Brown). I stand against - Child punishment, Tribalism, Criticism, and Discrimination. I stand for change, which is my first goal. As a youth, I stand for Unity, Peace and Progress. I stand for a free and transparent health service attributed to (children, youth and adults). I stand up for equal rights and and against segregation in roles. I stand for quality education, void of preferential treatment, equal for all. I stand against poor governance. I am an "Advocate For Youth".

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