I will hold your hand

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I will hold your Hand image

I will hold your Hand image

Dear Friend,

I know times are tough right now, adjusting to life seems slow and painful, shoes don't look to be fitting as they did and change just hits you like a cold bucket of water, I know...

I never pictured life to be going as it is, most of the time it does not go as expected and maybe that's what makes it beautiful, it's so unpredictable that every corner we turn is a new experience.

You feel scared at times, and that is ok, we're all supposed to feel the huge monsters that feelings are, and we get used to the night roars when we feel alone, sad or sometimes even unloved. It is okay to cry and feel sorry for yourself. Do yourself a favour by letting that feeling out. Cry whenever you feel like it. It may take you hours or even days.

I realized I was my biggest enemy when I was 21; it took my body 21 years to realize overthinking, jealousy, anger and remorse were killing me.


Our struggles are only as difficult as we make them out to be. We see what we want to see, or what we need to see to cope. You may sometimes feel like you’re suffocating in your own life, that there isn’t a way out, but to keep things in perspective, remember that your worst day is someone else’s best day.

So I know you will hang on, at least for today and tomorrow and if you ever need anything else, I will hold your hand until you can hold it yourself again.

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