If I were a millionaire...

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If only I were a millionaire...

If only I were a millionaire...

Have you ever wondered about what you would do with millions of dollars? Would you buy a new house, or your dream car? Even though these things are immensely attractive, if I were a millionaire, I would invest it in education.

The building of schools, offering scholarships for further education, and giving schools the funding they need to improve the quality of education. I would focus my money especially on giving girls the resources they need to receive a quality education.

Why? I believe that a good education is the first step towards development and a better life. I want to be able to help the lives of many. Education can not only provide us with the skills we need to succeed, but also helps us to realize our dreams, and equip us with the knowledge we require. Education can shape someone’s life and influence future generations. It gives us the skills and resources people need to lift themselves out of poverty and become self-sustaining. Education is an investment in someone's future. It can teach about the importance of sustainability, of equality, of safety…

Even if many of us feel that subjects such as math or English aren't applicable to daily life, education empowers us. It is a vital part of our lives. So if I were a millionaire, I would look to change the lives of countless youth through the power of education, and hopefully help create a sustainable, healthier, happier future for their community.

If used well, money is great, and can provide people with the material resources they need to make a difference. Money can build schools, provide jobs, and promote a sustainable economy. But even if we aren’t millionaires, and we can’t give enough money to set up schools, hospitals, and houses, we can still offer our time and energy - for fundraisers, for service, for raising awareness, which can be equally helpful and valuable.

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