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In this modern 21st century, money has become the part of human life. Money in the world is a factor for friendship or enemity; co-operation or war as well as development & destruction too. Money has become the symbol for status & power. Really, money is an important part of human life if we use it properly because the negative aspects about money such as - enemies, war, destruction, or discrimination occur because of human ego & human greed, not all itself by money.

Like all other people, I too would like to be a millionaire, I would not like to buy a splendid castle or a luxurious car. I want to spend my money on the common benefit of the people & nature. Our world today needs more food to feed the increasing population & fast pace of development as well. So, my first priority will be on increasing the agricultural production & forest protection. So, first of all I would motivate youths through agriculture & environmental protection by organizing youth campaigns, workshops, etc. Then, I would hire agricultural technicians for them to teach them about the best & effective methods of farming.

Then, I would provide incentives & easy loans to the farmers for their farming needs & to use new & eco-friendly scientific technologies for better & sustainable production. I would construct irrigation channels for better irrigation & I would teach them to produce organic manure from every bio-degradable waste at homes & request them to use organic manure at farms. I would build bio-gas plants at their homes with incentive as bio gas is the best alternative for wood for cooking & lighting purposes & also give organic fertilizer as residue. When there would be enough food, farmers would need markets for their products so I would invest on agro-based eco-friendly industries running on solar power & completely rejecting fossil fuels like coals, diesel etc. The industries would provide them with employment during their free time. Thus, I would help the farmers to my best to increase the agricultural production & to enhance their economic status which will certainly help to reduce poverty in the society.

For environment protection, I would run massive afforestation & reforestation campaigns in the bare areas & also in the urban areas on the edges of roads (if applicable).Thus, I will give my best to serve the mankind & to protect the Earth from degradation.

For the day: Today (11 July 2014) is the WORLD POPULATION DAY. As the carrying capacity of our Earth is limited & resources here are also limited but our population is increasing at geometric rate, it is the time that we all people in the world should consider about our population size. Certainly, we can’t stop it from increasing but we can minimize the rate of its growth.

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