Ignoring the environment is burning our own future!

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About 10 years ago, I remember myself in a classroom full of small boys and girls. I vividly remember my environmental science teacher, a Mrs. Mutale, she always teased us to plant trees as small as ourselves. So that when the trees grow big like her, they are used to make all the small things that were in our classroom, starting from the small desks that we sat on, the small chalk board in front of us, the small books and pencils, including our small uniforms that we wore.
Without even bothering to understand what she meant, all she said, was not given room in my life, it remained in that classroom.
About 10 years later, I get to understand what Mrs. Mutale was trying to put across. She wanted to inculcate good environmental practices in us. Practices, that’d mitigate climate change because it affected every part of our existence. Now, having grown up and understanding all the effects of climate change, giving a blind eye and deaf ear to it, is simply playing a part to kill my own future and that of others.

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