Importance for children & youth to have a voice in business

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“Business” and “Youth”: these words have something common. They are the source of change, dreams, and a better future. In society the definition of business is given as a profit seeking approach. In other words we can say it’s an approach for planting a new plant in economic life for which we all people work around.

From my childhood I have been hearing that I am the future, hope and dream of the nation as I am the youth of the country. But how I can be the dream of the society, in answering this question I have been asked to find a good job to have better life. Most of the children hear a common sentence from their parents. They must do something so that they can be self dependent. And for that we need to get educated. After getting education we have to be competent in the job world to have good salary.

It is quite established fact that private sector contributes most in the development of a country. But in many countries business ethics has become a major issue of concern. I want draw attention to a few stories like food adulterating by food producers, maltreating labourers in low income countries, gender discrimination by owners. If we investigate we can find they all have taken business as just a profit seeking approach.

Now let’s talk about us the tender leaves of the society. We want music, fun, gossip, travel and a lot of things. But beside that we also want to do another thing and that is we want to dream. We want to go for something new, something about creation. And I think business is the best creative work in the world. We can dream to be good entrepreneurs who will never do something harming our consumers or the society. We can dream to arrange employment for thousands of people. We can dream to be the part of technology, infrastructure development of a country.

The engagement of children and youth in business doesn’t mean that people have to come from business study or entrepreneurial education. It means they must have a voice in business, trade and economics. Now let’s imagine students from all discipline are given a vision of investment, business, and a guideline to be an entrepreneur. They are expressing their view for easing procedures and bettering business environment the policy makers will of course take this into account.

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) conducted a survey in 2010-2011 and found out that only eight out of 54 economies have equal participation by men and women in entrepreneurship. Older entrepreneurs (44-54 years) are the most frequent participants in entrepreneurship.

Recently Information technology business has changed the scenario. In the upcoming time the tech freak young people will go for innovation and business. Being a business leader means empowering myself towards good changes in future.

I vision my country as a developed and self dependent one. If I ever become a policy maker, business leader, or a teacher I want to include entrepreneurship development in every discipline. Another thing is that I am a very movie lover. So of course the demonstrations which will visionize the passion I want to see myself as a patron.


Age: 21

Institute: IBA, Jahangir nagar University

Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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