Importance of being a global citizen in this multicultural world

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A Peaceful, harmonious world lies in the global citizen’s hands.

A Peaceful, harmonious world lies in the global citizen’s hands.

Greetings, I am Hayagrish, a student of Lalaji Memorial Omega International School in Chennai, India and I would like to share my views on the importance of being a global citizen in this multicultural world.

Every problem in the world, every global conflict whether it takes place hundreds of thousands of miles away, or right next door, is a global one. It’ll take a global effort with global citizens to stop them. We have a duty to protect each other as humans. It is time that we worked on improving the present, before many more people have to suffer.

Since Haiti was hit by a devastating earthquake, help had been flown in from every corner of the globe. As the UN building crumbled bringing many UN workers down with it, it seemed like nations from all over felt compelled to take over it’s duty and turn it into something much bigger: a global action. This is what being a Global Citizen is all about. This is why it’s important to be a Global Citizen.

I was shocked to watch YouTube videos about global warming, made by Weam, a young Palestinian living in Gaza City. People in Africa are dying because of the rise of temperature at no fault of their own. Weam is a Global Citizen. She’s trapped in an over populated city that is also one of the poorest and conflict-ridden places in the Middle East. Raising awareness of global warming you’d think, would be the least of her worries. The only boundaries for Weam are the physical ones. Her compassion is proof that the world is beyond our borders.

We are all citizens of this earth, and all share three common goals: liberty, equality and the pursuit of happiness. These goals can bring together people from all over the world, which is why it’s important to be a Global Citizen because borders are meaningless. People don’t need to actually travel outside their own country to be Global Citizens; they can do it simply by having a human conscience, and learn about the world from a global perspective as opposed to a single one. Through this, global peace can be reached because if everyone thrives and helps each other in their life journey for these three common goals then half of the world would not be inflicted by greed, war, conflict and poverty. In the pursuit of improving the world, being a Global Citizen and being the change we want to see in the world will make more of an impact than anything else. We, as citizens of the world will create a global consciousness for what is right, and what is wrong. And in terms of what is right, human rights will always prevail. Humanity first, before anything else. This is the priority for people around the world, and this is the goal and importance of being a Global Citizen.

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