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A Girl with a Birth Certificate

A Girl with a Birth Certificate

It is the right of every child to get an identity- his name & right to acquire a nationality. All this and more is gained by a child when his/her birth gets registered officially. To understand it more clearly, let’s understand what Birth Certification exactly is?

Birth registration is the process by which a child’s birth is recorded in the civil register by the government authority. It provides the first legal recognition of the child and is generally required for the child to obtain a birth certificate and as a result any other legal documents and rights.

A recent study estimates that millions of babies are not registered at birth. Without a birth certificate, children may lack access to services like health care and education. A lack of recognition and support will ultimately make the life of children more complex as they grow older. A simple birth certificate opens up the world of opportunities for a child-

· An access to the world of Health care.

· It implies education for a kid.

· It can provide protection.

· It can help provide inheritance.

· It creates a permanent record of existence.

In many developing countries today, the births of a substantial share of children go unregistered. Registration of vital events is essential for accurately calculating birth and death rates and for accessing the level of infant mortality. It has other advantages, for example, when linked with medical records, birth registration systems can alert health-care providers to the presence of children needing vaccination. Accurate information on births has been stressed as important for tracking progress towards the health-related Millennium Development Goals. Children whose births are not registered may not be able to avail the opportunities and protection due to them. They may not get good education and opportunities to even get a good job. Without a birth certificate a child may not get complete recognition of existence. People may see him with suspicious eyes when he/she will not have anything in support of his/her identity. The importance of birth registration has also been emphasized from a child rights perspective. In most of the countries, a health card is issued in the presence of a birth certificate. This health card is used for a child’s vaccination purposes and other health related problems. If this health card is not issued in the name of a particular child, that child will not be able to get proper health-care facilities and maybe exposed to harmful & dangerous diseases in the absence of proper vaccination. Lack of a birth certificate will limit a child to get an admission in schools and colleges and thus, forcing him to get into child-labor or many a times forcing him to join some dangerous illegal activities in a desire to earn the livelihood and status in the society which will only lead him to an ocean of disrespect and big problems.

In most of the rural areas, the problem which is coming is the lack of awareness and information. There is a need to make people aware about the benefits of a birth registration. They must be given proper information and education regarding this. For this purpose, in a certain rural or urban area, a small awareness meeting could be organized first, in which an informal discussion between the people and the person who is holding that meeting must be done to solve the primary queries and clear the doubts of the parents regarding the birth registration. Secondly, the people of the certain area could be invited for a small informational movie on birth registration, as they would be able to relate themselves with the audio/visual more and the audio must be in their local, understandable language. Thirdly, a door-to-door awareness campaign could be another option to educate especially the mothers about this.

Most of the time, the parents of a child take the registration process lightly and for granted, for which a child has to pay afterwards. It is in fact, the foremost duty of every father and every mother to go to the civil registration authority office first and get their child registered before distributing the sweets to the neighbors on a birth of their child!

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