Imposter Syndrome

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Do you ever feel like someone might find out you don't qualify to be where you are? Or someone will soon know you are fraud. If yes, you too are one of those 70% people who suffer from Impostor Syndrome.

I first came across the phrase in an article in 2015, but psychological research has picked up on the affliction since the 1970's. It is a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a "fraud". Yeah, the freaking world gave this thing a name.

Most people who suffer from this do not believe they deserve the success they have achieved. These individuals dismiss proof of success to luck, timing, or a result of deceiving others into thinking they are more intelligent and competent than they believe themselves to be. This manifests most often in anxiety - an all-encompassing fear of being found lacking or not worthy.

Common phrases which very often come to my mind while I am in such a state are:

“Here are an awful lot of people out there who think I’m an expert. How do these people believe all this about me? I’m so much aware of all the things I don’t know.”

Or something like “People will find out that I’m really not very talented. I’m really not very good. It’s all been a big shame.”

And this: “Sometimes I wake up in the morning before going off to a shoot, and I think, I can’t do this. I’m a fraud.”

Let me tell you a strange fact, this is more often found in women. Guys out there reading this article, don't worry if you suffer from it. In fact, research shows that men just don't admit that they suffer from it (the ego issues), while in truth they do.

Now the question is how to get over this strange thing?

1. Show your bad deeds to people, hide the good ones (don't do this in a job interview).

2. Don't compare yourself to that one person.

3. Keep a file of people saying nice things about you.

4. Remind yourself that it is just an Impostor Syndrome, and it will feel less terrible.

5. Find one person, you can tell "I feel like a fraud".

Do this - write for 30 minutes the most insane things about yourself. You will never show anybody this. Write your most ridiculous beliefs, your most terrible thoughts, and your biggest frauds! Just write gibberish if you think that is crazy. Push into the deepest taboos you hold. Seeing these on paper doesn’t get rid of them but externalizing things puts them in a more sane perspective.

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