In Times Like This, What is there to be Grateful for?

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It has been said that to attract more grace in dazzling altitude, you should learn to lavish praise on people and nature. In my experience, treading the grateful path has yielded wholesome results and opened numerous doors.
I realised in my journey that everyone loves to be appreciated, it boosts our self-esteem and sets us in the drive-mode to do more. As we are cheered in loud ovation, we begin to pride in meeting more need in our society. Do we still maintain this attitude of gratitude when the plates are clean because the food store is empty? Are we still thankful when economic meltdown makes an unmistaken mark on our finances?
While we are thankful for the big things, is it not important to shower some praise on little things also and in fact, in hard times? Have you ever been thankful for the hair in your nostrils or the bone under your tongue or the diaphragm that separates your thoracic and abdominal cavity? Before we surfaced on this sphere, our fore-fathers experienced war and troubles, yet they were thankful for life and existence.
When life made no meaning, they created flavoured meaning to life that we now enjoy. Those sleepless nights, they spent it in grateful reflections. Youths, are we creating worthwhile environment for posterity? Are we living a legacy to be proud of?
Like fish caught in a cruel net or birds in a trap, so man and women are caught by accidents and attacks but whatever comes after, is grabbed and done heartily because when there is life, there is hope. There is neither work to do nor thoughts to think in the company of the dead. The battle is not always to the strong, nor riches to the smart, nor race to the swift, nor satisfaction to the wise.

Certainly we are pressed and pressured each day by the menace of unemployment, crime, poverty, death, rape, poor education, bad leadership etc, and the sum of all these pose this question to all of us: What is there to be grateful for? I say, You and I are grateful that We are Youths, a striking picture of health, trim and fit with beautiful thoughts, wonderful innovations and limitless possibilities. Its time to CLIMB - Change Little Into MegaBucks.

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