Indonesia Climate Change Education Forum & Expo 2011


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Issues related to the global warming and environmental debate has become quite warm in recent years. It also raises many movements initiated by several governmental and non governmental organizations.

Last May 2011,at Assembly Hall of Jakarta Convention Centre, Senayan, Indonesia an event being held concerning the issue of environment, which is “ Indonesia Climate Change Education Forum & Expo, the Call to Solve the Climate Crisis”.

In this event, the British Council (BC) announced that they have established a cooperation with the Ministry of National Education since January 2011. They socialized basic curriculum programs such as environmentally friendly for Class Climate (C4C). BC Representative explained that, currently basic environmental education curriculum has been implemented starting from kindergarten to high school.

The organizations that attended this event not only from local programs, others such as International representatives also participated, e.g agency of Unicef. UNICEF programs have been implemented to provide counseling to the people of Indonesia about the importance of awareness of the environmental conditions. Representatives from Australia, PT. Timah (Persero), Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), Climatology, Meteorology and Geophysics (BMKG), ICRP, 60 Earth Hour, and others also participated.

With so many participants who attended, from representatives of organizations within and outside the country, the event is expected not only became a mere event, but can be applied in everyday life! Well let’s starts to love our environment from now on! [by: Asqarini]

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