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Physical and spiritual health is an investment in improving the economy of a country. If a lot of people of a country that is not well physically and spiritually it is certain that the country will never advance. Indonesia's health status can be seen the increase in sexually transmitted diseases and degenerative diseases. Of nutritional problems is still a province in Indonesia that is still suffering from severe malnutrition. Top diseases which are prevalent in Indonesia is tuberculosis, diarrhea, heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and HIV AIDS. General condition of health triggered several factors such as the environment, a person's behavior, and health care.

Indonesia needs to change the speculation to think how important implementing Clean and Healthy Lifestyle. This change does not take place instantaneously but can provide benefits in the future. State leaders must be able to understand the health status in Indonesia today so that health services in Indonesia not only be curative or medical treatment alone but also health promotion, health prevention, treatment and recovery target is the general public.

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