Inspiration from Diversity- Herrsching Works!

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Official Closing Ceremony of 28th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth
Photo credit: House of Bavarian Agriculture (Facebook page)

Official Closing Ceremony of 28th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth Photo credit: House of Bavarian Agriculture (Facebook page)

“Imagine a world where everyone looked the same, spoke the same, ate the same and had one single belief system. Boring right? What makes this world colorful, interesting and fun is the diversity!” (Tina Sequeira)

What does 'Diversity' mean to you? For me, it is a pure combination of differences. Malcolm Forbes described it as the 'art of thinking independently together'. In whatever way we understand it, accepting the diversity is the best way to keep the world unified.

From 9-22 August, 2017, I got an opportunity to attend the '28th International Leadership Workshop for Rural Youth' in Herrsching, Germany under the invitation of German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. It is a biannual program organized by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany where youths and agriculture professionals from all over the world are invited in a two weeks seminar where participants are informed on the several aspects of agriculture, team work, conflict resolution, action plan formation and implementation ideas and are also provided with vast networking opportunities.

During those two weeks, 100 participants from 56 countries lived together in the House of Bavarian Agriculture and shared the multicultural atmosphere along with learning about team work, enhancing personal skills, creativity techniques, conflict management, communication and presentation techniques, evaluation and feedback techniques and use of didactic tools in three languages, English, French and German, from our respective facilitators, who were like our parents, inspiring and caring but made us realize our responsibilities at times. Above all, we heartily developed the deep friendship with the people from different countries, languages and religions. As 'strength lies in differences, not in similarities' (Steven R Covey), we understood each other despite language barrier because we felt each other.

Along with the intensive seminars, there were excursions on four topics of interest: Rural Development, Food, Resource and the Environment and Integration. I chose the 'Resource and the Environment' and was led to the Bund Nature Reserve, which was one among the best part of the seminar where I could realize the energy consumption pattern of a community and our roles either as a farmer, politician, electrician, industrialist or common people to minimize the energy consumption and thus to mitigate climate change. We also had the guided tours to Andechs Monastery, local Catholic Church, Dachau Memorial Camp, Munich city and the Alps to maximize our horizons.

The most colorful, cheerful and grand part of the seminar was the International Evening where 56 countries were represented by their flags, costumes, music, dances, food, drinks and handicrafts. I can still feel the mesmerizing moments of that evening. We had celebrated our unique relationships despite diversity. With the experience of such multicultural bonding, I understood what Elizabeth Ann Lawless meant to say by 'diversity creates dimension in the world'.

'Inspiration from Diversity- Herrsching Works!' was the perfect theme for the seminar because yes, Herrsching worked to bring the world together and to inspire youths to accept uniqueness of diversity because of which we, 100 participants from the nooks and corners of the world are still connected to each other despite miles of distance.

I would like to express my gratitude to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture of Germany, House of Bavarian Agriculture, FAO and all the organizers for bringing the youths together and enhancing leadership abilities and to GIZ Nepal for supporting me to attend such once in a lifetime opportunity. Now I would also like to request the youths from all over the world, interested in the agriculture and entrepreneurship to apply for the program of 2019 and be a part of the best experience ever.


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