Inspire with Marium Mehboob: Inspired by the Ordinary

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‘You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough’

I wake up in the morning every day with a thought of seeking inspiration. I’ve read in my medical science books that inspired people never get old (mentally, not physically). They never lag behind because they see a room for improvement in themselves.

My daily dose of inspiration comes from a fine young lady who lives in my house. Untouched by fame, she does nothing to be special, she is unique because she is ordinary. My younger sister, Marium Mehboob.

What makes her inspirational is her unconditional compassion for everyone she knows. Being a human is a privilege for her, and she endorses every endeavor that promotes humanity and love among people. Most of the people I see flashing on news every day may appear to be human rights champions on the screen. But if you step into their premises, you won’t find anything humanly being implemented.

Marium is not a face seen on media, but a true human who gives and spreads love with a smile, and in return, all she asks for is remembrance in prayers.

She is my sister, but I interviewed her for the first time to put her actions into justified words. Here we go!

What keeps you going?

A simple thought that whatever has to happen, will happen. So why not accepting what is happening and correcting only if it is actually wrong, not because you think it is wrong? I should repay whatever I am blessed with. I need to help people to be forgiven by God for my sins. Each one of us has rights over each other merely because we all are humans. I just do my job, nothing special.

What is the charm in being unknown and simple?

It’s just a personality trait. I think I am socially awkward and I can’t adjust with the mainstay fellows of my age group. I can’t pretend that I am one of them. This by no definition means that they are bad guys or the wrong people. No, they might be kind and good humans. But I am an introvert. I believe that simplicity is beautiful. It’s what I seek in other people. So why not being what you want others to be like?

What do you want to correct in society?

Myself. I am society.

Excluding myself, there are 2 things that we should learn as 21st century generations. Giving without posting a long note of appreciation to yourself on social media and forgiving everyone. It’s so convenient to expect people to forgive you when you go wrong, but when others go wrong it’s the opposite. We should reduce the concept of breaking friendships and relationships on tiny issues that can be resolved with a smile.

In how many ways can you actually help people around you? Different modes of helping people?

Infinite ways. You can smile at the least. Helping financially, talking to people when they need to share things, being happy and celebrating their success and praying for them in hard times are few ways. Be kind to people. Keep your heart clean. Respect them and if they go wrong, forgive them. Never consider yourself superior. Any moment you can lose everything. Learn to be flexible, welcome ideas and be content with what you have in life. Do speak when there is something wrong going on, but in the right way and right tone.

She went to sleep with the last line said and I kept on staring at her, Amazed by what versatile ways of helping humanity an ordinary person can find. She is my inspiration! A simple human being, trying to be a better one, every day.

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