International Youth Day 2014 - Mental Health Matters

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Happy International Youth Day everyone!

Thank you for making VOY the amazing, inspiring, dynamic online community that it is. It would not be possible without your efforts.

But today is not just for celebrating the amazing power of youth, it is also an important opportunity to highlight the challenges. This year's theme for Youth Day is around the mental health of young people. Mental health issues are often not talked about or stigmatized, leaving them untreated and putting young people at risk.

Here is a roundup of our picks of blog posts, podcasts, resources are more for today:

* "10 Pearls Of Wisdom You've Never Heard Before From Young People Around The World" - our first ever Buzzfeed piece!

* Read the VOY post "Mental illness is real and it it just as difficult as other illnesses" by Jianne (18)

* Read all the Voices of Youth posts related to this year's International Youth Day & the theme.

* Read the UN report - Mental Health Matters - about the social inclusion of youth with mental health conditions.

* Read the personal stories and view the art pieces of youth about mental health matters.

* Read about how youth are using the power of digital in Zambia to change HIV & AIDS education:

* Listen to inspiring young innovators discuss child rights and activism for children with disabilities as part of this year's UNICEF Activate Talks.

* Listen to a UNICEF Beyond School Books podcast featuring a conversation between two young activists – Rodrigo Riaza, a Spanish Global Youth Ambassador for Education and Hannah Godefa, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. Rodrigo and Hannah discussed the importance of activism and the role of education in enabling young people to fulfill their potential.

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