International Youth Expo - Call for Applications!

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Young People from ages 17 onwards are now invited to apply for a mega International event being held in the South East Asian country of Pakistan. The International Youth Expo 2011 is noted to make history as it hosts youth from all across the globe this November in Islamabad, the capital of the nation. The event organized by Ultraspectra (Pvt.) Ltd, will encompass the theme of “Social Media for Change” and will be attended by more than 400 young change makers, both national and international.

The event will also give the youth a chance to enhance their activism, while will also provide them the prospect to indulge in discussing problems & solutions relating to international community and to finally exhibit leadership roles proactively. Besides this the amazing opportunity of traveling to a foreign nation, experiencing the culture and meeting the people will reflect an extremely positive aspect on the international participants. IYE 2011 will be the biggest event of the year in this region of the world, as prestigious speakers and guests sign up. The 3 day event officially supported by the Government of Pakistan along with the United Nations will also be attended by many notable officials from the NGO’s and the business sector as well as many renowned international bloggers and writers. So don’t miss out and sign up quick, as we get ready to make history!

Further details of the event, registration fees and scholarships can be made at the official site of IYE 2011. You can also email any other queries at or view for the whole event insight.

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