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The greatest power we can give to mankind is knowledge. In developing countries, especially, investing in education is perhaps the best solution governments and private sectors could do in order to solve the problem of poverty.

Education is more than just learning to read, write and count. It ought to help us think critically and creatively in order to find ways to solve problems and provide better for ourselves.

In the case of children, education done in the proper way aids greatly in helping them improve the society which they live in today. This includes being able to make demands to those around them in determining what is and is not beneficial for their growth.

Oftentimes we see young people being silenced because the “grown ups’ think they do not have the “proper information.” Children are always “mistaken” because they “do not know anything.” But that is precisely the problem. How can we know if we aren’t given the chance to learn?

Instead of simply maximizing profit or gain and, convincing us (or our parents) to patronize their products, I would like to see more businesses giving back to the society that keeps them alive. And this should not only be about one-time events or marketing campaigns, but a true commitment for the common good.

The human person is gifted in so many ways we can imagine. Young people, especially, with our vibrancy and optimism, are more creative than we are given the chance to be. Businesses, with their resources have a great capacity in harnessing the talents of young people and giving them the chance to do better.

Encouraging us to be active participators among the change makers in our society encourages us to go beyond ourselves. As the main drivers of our economy, having a voice in businesses, even in governments, allows us to develop our capabilities outside the classroom and outside our families.

We should not simply be forced to take in what is given to us, especially in the present time where we are being transformed into simple tools for profit. When we work hand in hand with those who are more capable than we are, whether that be in terms of financial or labor capital, we are able to make better provisions for a world wherein both young and old learn to work together to improve society.

by Zarina (21) Philippines

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