Is it important for youths and children to voice out in business?

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There is increasing discourse on the involvement of children and youth’s voice in business. The general feeling seems to be that youths and children should not be involved in business sectors, but what are the consequences of taking such extreme position towards youth and children?

Are they feeling our views, opinions and suggestions are not important to the business sector and should be done away with?

Who is a youth? In simple English a youth is said to be a state of being young and as young individuals we tend to think innovatively hence being inspirational and influential players who add value to our organizations, nations, continents and our globe at large. Innovation therefore refers to radical and revolutionary changes in the thinking process, products etc. if we the youths can be innovative thinkers; who think differently, young with fresh ideas, always thinking out of the box, wanting to make positive change with our self sacrifice spirit therefore making a practical difference in the lives of many people, why shouldn’t our voices be heard or considered in business? By the policy makers? Everywhere?

It is really vital for us the youths and children to voice out in business because engaging youth voice will enable to raise our aspirations, realize our potential as the future leaders and make us participate fully in all relevant issues or policies through adult and youth partnerships. Not only this but also it will make us feel more recognized and appreciated as young responsible people.

According to the Zambia census report of housing and population, Zambia’s population is 13092,666 with 82% of the youth. If this percentage has a hand in voicing out definitely the chain of poverty would be broken as particular issues and policies will be fully understood and worked on thus securing our future.

But have you ever wondered why the participation of the young in business and governmental issues is slim? It is because of the way we are treated, the procedures and policies completely shut us out. Many are the times we attend conferences that act as platforms for us to express our views, opinions and suggestions to the policy makers, but are our suggestions implemented? No are any policies changed? No.

We cannot continue to live like this, a way should be found something must be done in order for our future to be reshaped.

In trying to transform our backwards countries, businesses and continents into prosperous ones it demands adult and youth co-operation.

For I believe we do not have to be elders within communities, businesses or government to voice out, for our ages do not have to limit our abilities so we can be useful as much as any other person.

For our time is now not some time tomorrow when we are old.

Cynthia Tembo, 19, Malota, Livingstone, Zambia.

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