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Let's keep HEALTHY, even if it might seem hard.
//Found here:

Let's keep HEALTHY, even if it might seem hard. //Found here:

This week, dedicated to NCD (Non Communicable Diseases), every young man/woman should take a moment and think about his/her life, what he/she might be doing wrong and what he/she could improve. Again, I am speaking about your own life.

We all know empathy, productive relationships and helping others are beautiful emotions or actions for every man/woman to feel or do. And they are very much interconnected with our own and inner life: our mind and our body. Beautiful social and “outside” life could follow a well-built “inside” life and the other way. And let’s speak about this other way: about our mind and our body. How can we keep them healthy?

Voices of Youth and its magical contributors offer you valuable insights on the challenges we face in matters of mental health and how to overcome them in the campaign organized on the occasion of International Youth Day, during the last several weeks.

At the beginning of this post, I want to talk to you about our body’s health and more precisely on how YOU are the prevalent contributor to your own health. And this aspect is brought out very well by NCDs. These are diseases which you can’t take from anybody else, so the only human being who could play a role in the presence or not of these is YOU. And why not choose the absence of these diseases? Why not start to love your body and treat it likewise?

You may say: “But it is so hard to keep my body healthy these days…”, and I am not going to argue with you over that, because we have to face some challenges while trying to stay healthy, don’t we? So, let’s list them:

1. We live in consumer society, where quantity matters more than quality. Consequently, the food we eat is less healthy each day. Large companies produce more, while sacrificing the quality of their products. They want to meet the requirements of the increasing market, but also offer the market something to require. You may ask: “Really, there’s nothing healthy to eat?!” Well, let me quote an article I’ve read on this subject: “If you are what you eat, and especially if you eat industrial food, as 99 percent of Americans do, what you are is "corn."”. The article was written by Michael Pollan, a contributing author at The New York Times Magazine. Of course, there are situations and situations, the amount of industrial food consumed by every man can vary, but you got the idea. We lack variety in the food we eat and we are offered, which is an important factor in a healthy diet and, consequently, life.

2. We don’t know what we eat. How many of you know how the meals you eat are cooked? And even in a home-made meal, cooked by you, do you know where those ingredients came from? How were they produced? Were they added fertilizers in the vegetables and fruits? For example, please let me remind you of the recent scandal on the presence of horse meat in burgers advertised as beef meat. So, what do we really eat and how are we supposed to live a healthy life when we can barely control what we eat?

3. Again, we live in an aspiring-to-fast-progress society. We live in big cities or industrialized areas with lots of air pollution: this is a ranking evaluating the air quality for many countries in the world and an explanation of how air pollution is measured, what it means and what it does to our health. Not too in detail: there are some particles in the air, less than 2.5 microns in width, who are the most dangerous for us, producing nose and throat irritations, cardiovascular diseases and lung problems (even lung cancer). They are special, because they can enter deeply in our lungs, due to how tiny they are. For example, the 10 micros particles can be eliminated by sneezing or coughing, but not also the 2.5-micros-wide ones. And according to the same ranking, more than half of the population in 71 countries lives under a higher than recommended amount of these dangerous particles.

Also related with this type the society, it appears the pervasive excuse for not taking care of your body: “I don’t have time”. We don’t have time to cook, to go for a walk, to run, to take up a sport. We have time only for our work and if luckily, our family.

4. While some of us don’t know how to eat healthy because of the lack of information, other don’t have what to eat. Many of us know those concerning statistics on how many people are hungry in the world, I will just choose one:one in eight people on Earth suffered from undernourishment in 2010-2012. These people are also facing problems, maybe more severe. And for them, start eating healthy is related to employment, to freedom, to another way of living. Why can’t we reach a balance?

In the end, let me tell you than most of these seemingly insurmountable obstacles could be surmounted. Read this list made by VOY to learn how. And don’t forget that YOU play the decisive role!

Also, thank you for reading and don’t hesitate to share your opinion and add ideas to my list! I would love to hear your thoughts!

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