Is smoking fair?

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This week im doing something a bit different, I'm going to write a poem, I decided to write a poem because I see a lot of articles and thought this would be contrasting.

Is smoking fair?

You light a cigarette

And your lungs cry out

Is smoking fair?

You breathe in the cigarette

While her parents cry out

She's hooked up to a breathing machine

Is smoking fair?

You exhale the smoke

She struggles

She cant breathe

Her lungs collapse

Is smoking fair?

You tap to get rid of the ash

She fights for air

Her heart stops

Her parents cry

Is smoking fair?

You light another one

She's six feet underground now

Her parents crumble

She looks down and wishes

To have the lungs you had

Smoking triggers so many illnesses and kills so many people. Although there are campaigns to raise awareness, smoking keeps on killing millions. You have the choice to live or die, or let your loved ones. Every time you see someone lighting a cigarette ask them to think about the children who are dying of lung cancer, of the people who deserved more years but didn't get them because their lungs couldn't keep up with them.

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