Is this really us?

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When we open the newspaper in the morning what we see are reports of mass shootings, murders, robbery, terrorism. We see people talk about the disturbances in the world, but that is it, it’s just talking. In day to day life how many people really take an initiative to do something that might change if not the world then a small section of society. After all "Charity Begins at Home."

We are not the people we used to be. Instead of using peaceful methods to ask for demands the first thing done is to take up arms. This is how violence is spread, this is how wars happen which endanger the lives of millions. This is not the society we were born in. This is not what we were taught. Today we are scared to raise our voices even for our own benefit. We are scared of what others will think of us, if what we say would be liked by others or not. What we have to understand is that it does not matter. If your mens rea is correct then nothing should stop you. Being true to yourself is what is going to make you unique. This is what is going to help us bring a change, even if it is not big.

We are the youth of the world. We are the future and we are the ones who can make a change, so if we try the small efforts can do wonders. Small steps lead to big success. Educating the people around us in various aspects of life is what we need to do. Education is not just textbooks, it is the way of living life. This way of living life if becomes peaceful I think we would be able to see who we really are.

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