Islam and the West By Lisa DePasquale

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Islam, a faith that is so similar to Christianity yet so different has left many confused yet it is a prevalent faith that has dominated in numbers. Why is it the second largest religion in the world yet the average American has limited if not any knowledge of this religion? It is sickening that those who claim to know the “true” Islam are actually the ones that have no conception of it, or in reality Christianity.

I once had a discussion with a friend about Islam and I was shocked to find the same response continue in a repeated fashion. “What is Islam?” One young woman answered, “the religion which condemns women and fights for a God who loves to kill.”

I also researched online just to see the ‘opinions’ conservative Christians have on Islam. I came this organization called Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry. At the end of the page under “What is Islam,” it concluded with, “Islam is a growing and aggressive religion that seeks to submit everyone on the planet to its rule.”

The greatest reticules we have on Islam often times isn’t the average person, its conservatives Christians. It shames me that my own religion would be so ignorant and so close-minded to the world around us, and most importantly to a faith that is so close to us yet different. Why can Muslims openly appreciate the “People of the Book”, but many Christians view Muslims as a religion that embodies violence and inequality? It’s due to the lack of information or in this case “accurate” information.

Media skews and distorts what is neutral to something that is dramatically different and in most cases scandalous. It dramatizes every bit of information to appeal to our eager and curious nature. For example, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is portrayed through Americans TV’s in a way that makes Palestine seem like a bunch of Hamas terrorist groups who want to use force to eliminate the Israelis. While this is partially true we forget to consider that there are also many Muslims and Christians within Palestine that yearn for non-voilent ways of voicing their opinions through peaceful terms.

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