Islamophobia and Overcoming Stereotypes


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Islamophobia Pic.

Islamophobia Pic.

Islamophobia is one of the overriding factors behind the policy of persecution and oppression of the Muslims by the US and its non-Muslim allies [1]. Muslims living in all countries feel like this for reasons such as: the misunderstanding to interpret Islam correctly, negative stereotypes and outlook that has always given the enemies of Islam that Islam presents as cruel, intolerant, and an anti-women religion, political revenge, and so on. Islamophobia has a lot going on outside the state, U.S., India, Israel, Russia, and some other western countries. The U.S. even supported by western allies, Israel, India and Russia are all engaged in killing Muslims on the pretext that extremist Muslims are all terrorists and pose a danger to world peace. The intellectuals, and others all over Europe and the USA, identify Islam as essentially a Jihadist violent doctrine directed primarily against the West; they claim Islam as a destructive, dangerous religion which is going to destroy the West and demolish Western culture [3]. In reality, Islam never teaches violence and destruction, only certain elements who intend to create a negative image of Islam. Therefore, it is very important to deal with Islamophobia before other problems arise.

Stereotypes appearing toward Islam must be mitigated and reduced by the appropriate solutions. One of these solutions is through an integrated education on Islam to elementary school children. This solution became the main focus to abolish Islamophobia because the importance of Islamic education in general will widely introduce Islam to children who still do not understand Islam in depth. This education is the solution given by the students of the Faculty of Forestry, Bogor Agricultural University to mitigate Islamophobia in Indonesia and abroad. In addition, this education should be implemented to provide a positive impact on the Islamic world.

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