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This is a story I got from one of the youths when I visited South Western Uganda during one of my education campaigns. She says:

In my Community we (Youths) have the following problems

1. Illiteracy especially for girls

2. Poverty

3. Unemployment.

Addressing the is the issue in number 1 above, it comes as a result of the community having low trust in girls who they believe are not good enough to be educated as far as boys should.

Their reason being, girls are good for marriage and therefore preparing them for marriage is better than preparing them for education.

During my study to this level my parents went through a lot of challenges for example the resistance from the community towards my education. Everyone thought it was a waste of resources such as time and money. The community was sure I would waste the little money my parents invested in my education.

My proposal for improving such issues is to sensitize my community about equal education for all children whether girls or boys. This would be a good idea especially if I get in touch with successful women in my community to speak to the public and encourage our parents to give equal opportunities to all children irrespective of the sex.

I would also propose that the government should come in and address the issue of discrimination of children when it comes to education.


In my community, the natives work for only survival but not to establish developing projects. Once a person gets what to eat and drink for a day, that is enough. They believe development has to come with lots of expenses which they cannot afford. The saving culture is very low. This is evidenced by lack of any financial institution in the place such as a bank or even microfinance. Banking, they believe, is for the rich and the educated because their money is safe at home, not far in the bank.

My proposals for fighting the Issue in Number 2 are:

First and foremost we should empower the poor, focusing on women, and tapping their tremendous potential. Women fall into poverty more easily and more frequently than men. They constitute majority of the people living in poverty. Ending discrimination against women and girls and promoting gender equality are critical for poverty eradication.

Good governance and effective administration are prerequisites to effectively fight poverty. Public policy should aim at preserving social cohesion and promoting social stability, especially through democracy, the rule of law and the respect for human rights and fundamental freedom.


In my community, the economic activity carried out is farming which is done for subsistence purposes. Mostly crops are harvested for consumption and the balance is sold to get money. Selling of the little that has been harvested in most cases end up causing famine to some families. To make it worse, the youth, especially those that have gone to school, don’t do farming which they refer to as a dirty job hence leaving them unemployed. They prefer white collar jobs which are not there. At the end of the day they are jobless, and poor.

My proposals about unemployment especially the youth, is to make them believe that however dirty the job is, the money out of it is not dirty.

Governments can make demonstration farms where people can acquire knowledge for example rearing chicken, goats and other animals. These are good projects to the youth. My advice is centered on farming because I have a lot of experience in it and all my education up to this level is from farming.

Revising this whole story, it takes me to the fact that what Ugandan graduates need now are skills to meet the demands of the labor market, and not the theory that is going to keep them on streets. What is your view on this whole story?

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