It is obviously worth living for someone... (A little piece about volunteering)

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@MariaJoseCelis wrote “Do one thing: volunteer” in her article ( ). After reading this I decided to tell about my own experience.

I work with people who have special needs. Due to Wikipedia special needs “is a term used in clinical diagnostic and functional development to describe individuals who require assistance for disabilities that may be medical, mental, or psychological.”. Thus those are people with Down syndrome, autism etc.

Before volunteering I did not have proper knowledge about them. Actually I rarely saw such people on the street. One of my friends often told me about his own communication with people who have special needs. I was curious. And when I enrolled in university (it was two years ago), I decided to try myself as volunteer and go deeper towards understanding them.

Places where I met them are Caritas ( ) and L’Arche (Here is an official site of community in the world ).

In the process of communication they told me what they do there. The list of activities is pretty big: weaving, creation and decoration of ornate candles, drawing, making of wooden objects and tapestry, greeting cards and various creative pieces with beads.

Furthermore, they also have Kitchen days, where girls and boys learn to cook by their own efforts. In addition, they visit theatres, circus performances and exhibitions, and go on excursions. The youth also enjoy swimming in the pool and in the sea in summer, playing active games on the sport yard, staying in harmony with nature and people that surround them.

There can be prejudices against them because of not knowing who are people with special needs. One of problems which I see is that they are closed to the world. Because there is a lack of an opportunity to visit special centre. Or just because of not having a wheelchair..

My visits to the centres are quite successful and interesting. I am really impressed by ingenuousness and innocence of people with disabilities, their sincere smiles, carefulness and sociability. It is obviously worth living for them, giving them love and kindness. They are shafts of light that illuminate the way in looking for a meaning of life.

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