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We wonder why our world is lacking peace and is full of so much corruption. Let me tell you why. I won’t preach, but I will give you a scenario.

Imagine this: a child is born into this world. His or her parents/guardians focus on this child’s humaneness, ability to understand and be intune with his/her emotions, and sending goodness and kindness out into this world.

Tell me this: Do you see that child growing up into an adult that has the capacity to hold a gun and slaughter… someone? Do you see that child growing up into an adult that supports violence? I don’t.

Was every dictator and ambassador of war in this world a child one day? How did they become who they became? By chance? I don’t think so.

We say that the world is every child’s home and that the world raises every child, but tell me what kind of world are we preparing for our children? One that convinces them from a young age that there is one way to be, one way to live, one way to speak, one religion to believe in, and one path to take? One that convinces them that kindness and vulnerability is weakness? One that uses shame to force them into living by society’s standards?

The problem with our world is that we are lacking compassion towards ourselves first, and towards others second. We are lacking courage to speak up and be different.

Here comes the magic. The solution isn’t just to focus on changing the world as it is now. That distracts us from paying attention to raising the children coming into this world. Just as we believe that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, we must be proactive and raise our children right, from the start.

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