Just be yourself & don't violate these rights!

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Human rights in Zambia are violated. As part of the Zambian youth population, I feel so bad. Some of the examples of human rights violations are: children's and disabilities rights. I am very much concerned about children's rights because the same kids are the next generation so we have to take care of these kids.

Human rights in Zambia are addressed by the Constitution of Zambia. The constitution is made up of 3 organs of the government which makes sure that the human rights are obeyed. Even refugees have the same rights as ours. What I would like to say to all Zambians is that everyone in Zambia has all the freedom to live his or her own life. Someone should not control you by violating your rights if there is someone who does that. He deserve to be arrested, even jailed for life.

Why violate someone's rights? Just be yourself rather than violating someone's rights. Getting arrested is bad. As for me, I am a Zambian youth and I will never try to violate someone's rights.

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