Keeping the Promise in Nigeria

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Keeping The Promise: Girls Are Us

Action Health Incorporated has released three short films in the ‘Keeping The Promise Series’– ‘Girls Are Us’, ‘Slipping Through the Crack’ and ‘Make Every Girl Count’- that project the true life stories of out-of-school adolescent girls in Nigeria’s poor communities. The films are based on findings of the AHI study to explore and document the realities, needs and concerns of out-of-school adolescent girls in Lagos slums.

Set in the Iwaya community, an under-resourced neighbourhood in Lagos, Damilola, Polinu and Rebecca share their experiences about growing up in one of the city's slums. Life is an inescapable nightmare: The heroines offer a rare look into their world marred by extreme poverty, grief, sexual violence, and exploitation, unintended and early pregnancy. A timely intervention offers a ray of hope...

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