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I rest my head against my pillow. My mind is pounding with a thousand thoughts going through it constantly. ‘What do you think?’ ‘Is that fair?’ ‘But isn’t it somewhat wrong too?’ ‘What if someone bashes me for thinking this way?’ I take an exasperated sigh.

I’m already a very indecisive person and social media does not help me one bit with that. I find myself at times complicating my own thoughts, sorting out the pros and cons for thinking a certain way and having a hard time deciding my take on things. I think with social media, instead of simplifying things, all we’ve done is made them more complicated. Social media is a platform where people get to share their ideas, but instead of sharing, people have started enforcing them on others. No one is willing to focus on the real issues; rather it’sa debate on who is right and who is wrong without finding a solution for problems. All we need is an excuse to blame others.

I recently came across some news of a suicide and my heart felt heavy for the person, their friends, and their family, who lost a part of their lives. This isn’t the first time I’ve come across such news. It happens quite frequently which is a tragedy. I’m not saying cyberbullying is the only factor linked with suicide, there can be many factors involved but it does play a major role. When it comes to cyberbullying and hate speech, it shouldn’t be tolerated in any way. I see bloggers, musicians, and celebrities getting so much hate every day. Out of all the nice things you can tell people, you decide to tell them how ugly they are, or bash them for how untalented they are. Why? What’s wrong with spreading love and positivity rather than hate in this cruel world? For all those who argue that people who put themselves in the public eye should learn to take criticism please understand that there is FINE line between hate and criticism.

I understand none of us are perfect. Not me. Not you. We’re not meant to be perfect, but that’s the best part. That’s what makes us unique. We can be kind though. A simple act of kindness every day may not mean much to you but it might make a big difference in someone’s life. Freedom of speech does not mean that you should hate on people and say mean things. So this is me saying sorry from my side and everyone else’s. Sorry if we’ve ever been mean to you. If we have ever said something behind your back or said something that hurt you. Sorry to all those who felt constantly judged by society. You all are beautiful in your own unique way. Always remember that.

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