Learn to Learn, Unlearn and Relearn.

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Try this today, go to the soil, say to it, 'give me an harvest', I am sure it will respond with its usual huge smile saying 'I hate your needs, but I cherish and love your seeds'.
Soil speaks?
Oh yeah, just that we are not quiet enough to listen. Smiles! For the youth that are aware of this voice, their growth is amazing and they cash in on opportunities every time.
They add layers of knowledge everyday, learn a new language, make a visit to the poolside etc, they harvest great yield of a balanced life. Perhaps indifference, worry and self-doubt has eaten so deep into you by allowing every opportunity to slide while you just drift along, forgetting that you can't drift down to the mountain top.
Your status updates are complaints and stagnancy. Why do you grumble all day in rumbling words? Why do you fail to find the answers that gives you access to success and happiness? Why do you curse the effects of not developing your capacity but nourish the cause?
We all desire a better life, yet miss to pick up a book, network with people or sign up for programs that will make positive turn around in our lives. Why do we permit flimsy things to stand between us and the books that could change our lives? Money? No, There are free library everywhere. Borrow that success pamphlet from a teacher, the leaflet of success quotes from a friend and the grass-to-grace series from a community leader.
We need to exercise the discipline to read insightful stories, comments, biographies, blogs, etc. Bad news is everywhere, you have to intentionally look out for the good news to fill your innocent mind.
I remember while I was in college, whenever we went on holidays, books were the last thing to think about, I just wanted it all fun. Then, when we resume, the pen won't just fit the hand and lessons previously learnt all disappeared. Most teachers dread the resumption, for the students' mind is now as dead as stone.
Some years ago, a question struck me: 'how did I know my name?' Strange?
Yes, very strange question. I thought about the question for a while, thinking and Rethinking. Finally, Yes, I got it! Repetition. Repetition.. Repetition... The more my parents called my name, the more the neighbour asked me. Everyday, the name skipped silently into my subconscious mind as I spelt it in school and introduced myself to a new friend repeating my name.
Even till tomorrow, when you sign up on any new program or any social media channel, repetition comes up again. All these point to one thing--learn to learn, unlearn and relearn continuously.
If you have read hundreds of books and seen thousands of movies, I congratulate you for job well done, but, hey! there are many more to read and see, your accelerated growth curve must continually advance.
Your personal development is your paramount job and work. Youths, now is the time to CLIMB - Change Little Into MegaBucks.

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