Learning in the 21st Century

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(C)UNICEF/UN0254005/Frank Dejongh

(C)UNICEF/UN0254005/Frank Dejongh

Learning is an everyday process for humans and it is critical to an education. The process in which learning occurs is through adequate communication of information. Schools play a vital role in the transmission of information which lays the foundation for learning.

As we all know the world is evolving and times are changing, so is the way of learning. The way information was passed on in the early days differs from now in this so called “Digital age”. Because of the gift of the internet and globalization our societies aren’t the same as before, people receive information that is more of a mix of many beliefs and cultures, so cultivating an adaptive personality has to be the first learning process for children of these days. I believe the internet, since its discovery, has been the best way information is passed and the best platform for learning new things and discovering new subjects.

I feel that our schools and educational institutions need to stop filling students with theories that they will not learn from. They should stop making them try to memorize someone else's definition of life, but let students define it from their own perspectives. I recommend that students spend more time with the internet than their complied history text books. This, to me, is the best form of learning

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