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About me

I would like to introduce myself as a new VOY blogger. I am twenty years old and currently studying Industrial Engineering in Madrid.

Since I was little I have felt there are many things in the globe that should be changed. However, it hasn't been until lately that I have realised all these can be done now and starting in the community I live in.

I am aware that such a challenging evolution requires a lot of knowledge and open minded citizens willing to dialogue.

Building a new world is a long process, including a journey to the origins and the values intrinsic to the human condition.

I am strongly interested in achieving women equality and reconsidering all the influence society and media has on us, redefining who each of us is. I am concerned about how important is finding new ways to do things better, being more sustainable and responsible for every activity we take.

Where I live

Spain can become an addiction soon for anyone visiting. There is not only one Spain, but many different regions with distinctive orography and cultural traits. Spain loves the diversity, and that diversity is a big part of what makes it magical!

Also I would like to highlight that it is a generous nation: Spain is in the lead (and has been in the past 22 years) of organ donation in the world. Certainly that is a fact to be proud about.

Through my weekly posts, I will be sharing my concerns and ideas . I wish to make the most of this amazing opportunity I have been given. Every comment is welcomed and very appreciated.

I encourage you to read the great posts that my blogger colleagues are writing. Remember that the importance of these posts lies in sharing our distinct points of view and starting the dialogue that would (and will) resolve many conflicts in the world.

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