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Transfagarasan - considered one of the most dangerous roads in the worls and a must-see in Romania

Transfagarasan - considered one of the most dangerous roads in the worls and a must-see in Romania

In this world full of issues, darkness, unknown and fearful future, we tend to forget that we should be proud. We should be proud just for who we are, where we live, and the amazing people we have around! Even if we don’t have money, even if we feel hopeless, even if we feel alone, there’s always a place where each can find joy and peace with himself. And today, I want to tell you about what my country gives me to put in that place of mine.

Well, of course, it literally gives me places. As in many geography and history books, Romania is praised for consisting of almost every landform possible: we have mountains, hills, plateaus, valleys and even a sea. I have to say they are a bless. Travelling in Romania is one of the most breathtaking, inspiring, astounding experiences a man can have. And even if I go to a place I’ve been before, I find the world (with people, music, garments and places) different and it never ceases to impress and thrill me. For example, I usually go in the summer to the seaside in Romania (at 300 km from my town) and last year it just wasn’t time, so I kind of broke the habit. But this year, I arranged to go again and I was so thrilled about it. A few friends asked why, or even if they didn’t I told them (:D): I missed the sensations. And not just the water, the sand and the relaxing sunbaths, but the noises, the smell and the taste of everything, the voices of people who advertise all kinds of products on the beach, and those streets crammed with tourists. Romania gives me these memories, of delightful sensations and I find myself closing my eyes and trying to relive and refeel them, and in the cold winter with a pile of textbooks ahead, I find some of my strength and motivation in them.

On the other hand, one thing that I admire and love in Romanians is their ability to react. Almost always and almost on everything, a Romanian has an opinion. This is extremely promising and inspiring, because, even if we sometimes lack role models or great events, we find what it takes to be excited, to be intrigued, to be interested. We have that power and it is a very handful asset in this world of growing, solving and developing. And what I also love is the fact that we always seek solutions. We debate, we discuss, we communicate, it is true that not everybody takes action, but there are lots of people who take and produce some improvements. We never cease to think. No matter how correctly (because of the diversity of situations in which an issue may be involved, it is extremely hard and I would say impossible to form a totally correct opinion, not to speak about it being objective), but we do it.

Finally, I never stop being grateful and fascinated with our openness. You just have to be friendly, to smile and be enthusiastic and Romanians will see and feel that. I had seen people on my country’s streets looking miserable after being snowed under unimportant daily obstacles, and just forgetting to be nice. And so, they went to stores, postal offices, markets and treated people with a moody disposition, not openly, just closed in themselves and buried under problems. And I told myself…why do like them? Why not try to be useful, try to offer you your enthusiasm and positive energy first and then expect it from others? Well, I tried and … it worked! If I go to public places, speaking to people that I had probably never met before, and treat them like humans, treat them like humans who deserve to be appreciated, I get the same treatment. So, I love that we hadn’t lost, let’s say, the energy from our souls. We have somewhere in there joy, smiles, respect and love. And if you decide to show them to people, you’ll almost never be rejected, but even the opposite, people will be open to your ideas. And even us, as a people of a country, we are opened to innovations and to opinions, to solutions.

In order to support my last reason of gratefulness: I would like you to watch this video, which tells a real story of a visitor of Romania: http://www.bbc.com/travel/video/animated-travel-shorts/20140218-a-stranger-in-brasov.

So, I love my country! And if you ever get the chance to come and fall in love with it too, don’t hesitate! We’ll be here, ready to receive and accept you!

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