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Dear VOY community,

How time flies...our last group of VOY blogging interns has just finished their internship and - shazoom - the new group is already here!

It's our pleasure to introduce to you the new batch of blogging interns! The interns are a diverse group of young bloggers from all over the world with one common goal: changing this world for the better. A short introduction of each intern can be found below.

As of this week, the 10 bloggers will provide you with inspiring weekly posts, offering you their personal thoughts, insights and opinions on a variety of topics.

Everyone is invited to interact with the interns by commenting on their blog posts and engaging in discussion! Equally, the interns are excited to read your posts and will not hesitate to share their thoughts in the comment sections of your posts.

We hope you'll enjoy the interaction and as always, happy blogging!

Anu, 24, Nigeria

I’m AnuOluwapo Adelakun and I love to write; I really do. I am a Gender advocate, youth leader and development practitioner changing my world one community project after another.

Aurna, 18, Bangladesh

My name is Sadia Akhter Aurna. I have been born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Currently I am applying for my undergrad studies and doing things I love to do. Being a person who believes in equality and justice I have founded Daak which is an NGO that aims to give legal aid to the victims of sexual abuse and create social awareness about this issue. I try to improve myself everyday to become the best version of myself to be in the best use for our world.

Banni, 18, Indonesia

Banni's here! If you ever wonder how to pronounce my name, just think of an Easter Bunny. INFJ for 18 years, currently studying German. I love cats and ice cream, despite the fact that my digestive system is intolerant to lactose and cat furs make me sneeze. As a procrastinator, my motto would be "I love my bed so much, I'd put a ring on it."

Enana, 20, Syria

20 year-old Syrian refugee in Germany. Member of a minority group called the Assyrians. I aspire to become an activist to raise the voice of the voiceless. Issues of minorities, women’s rights and gender equality are my primary concerns.

Hannah, 17, Belgium

Currently a high school student but with my head I’m already in university. Guess that already points out a major thing about me - I’m the kind of person who’s always dreaming. Living in the present, while dreaming of the future. What I love most is learning about the structures of the complicated mechanism called the world and about its inhabitants. Even more, I want to improve it.

Harsh, 21, Nepal

My name is Harsh Mahaseth and I am a Nepalese citizen currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in law from the National Academy of Legal Studies and Research, Hyderabad. I was born in Manchester, United Kingdom and at the age of 5 my family returned to Kathmandu, Nepal. Apart from my interests in law and public policy I enjoy playing basketball, writing poetry and watching anime. There are always more than two sides of an issue and I believe that my analysis can help bring nuance and depth to important and relevant issues.

Maria, 19, Colombia

My name is Maria and I am in love with the country I was raised in, Colombia. I love photography and I hope to dedicate my life to it at some point. Writing is how I express myself and I am trying to put my thoughts out there, in the real world. Aside from that, I love traveling and hope I'll never stop doing it. I like music but I am a terrible singer. I hate cold weather. My favorite book is the Blue Between the Sky and Water. I am majoring in Political Science and as many of us, I believe that my purpose in life is to make a change, somehow.

Mwaniki, 19, Kenya

I am Mwaniki Nyaga. Nineteen-year-old, although in the course of the internship I will be turning twenty. I am currently a Computer Science student at the University of Nairobi, in Kenya. I write to paint pictures in reader’s minds and pull out questions from within themselves.

Shorouq, 20, Egypt

An Egyptian 20-year-old female whose words happened to be good to her. I adjust my eyes to see the beauty in the world, and I put that into words. Writing has taught me, changed me and helped me all along the way. Along with studying biological science and how real and intense it can sometimes get, I create that world of mine using only a pen and a bunch of papers."

Yaz, 21, Turkey

I am a college student studying International Relations at Koç University in my hometown Istanbul. I believe that the world can be a better place once we all start thinking and acting on it. I plan to act on it through my writing and I hope everyone finds their own way to join the venture.

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