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I was amazed when I saw for the first time the Lokalizo page online. After getting to know a little bit more about the project, the idea of becoming part of this project quickly became important to me as I wanted to help out in realizing the goals of the project but also to gather experience in this working environment.

After becoming part of the team, I was happy to start learning more about this initiative, especially about how the reports created through the technological tools would be used to create the change we want to see in Prishtina. So the part when we found out about the digital reporting section and about sharing our experience with young people from around the world on Voices of Youth was very interesting to me. Another great experience thus far was meeting other volunteer members who have joined the project as youth mappers as it is very important for me to work in a team knowing that success is easier reached through teamwork.

On the first day we went out to begin mapping, it looked very difficult to work with kites because it was our first time doing that, but other members of Lokalizo were patient to show us how to work with them. It was fun and interesting to spot people and especially watch what the kids were doing, as the cheers attracted more people in the windows and looked very carefully to see what was going on.

I really like the Voices of Youth mobile app as it is very easy to use and functional since you do not need even internet to create the reports. I believe that this application will help us greatly to identify and gather information about some of the biggest problems in the neighbourhoods of Prishtina. Furthermore, I found that using the kite was fun but it is a little bit difficult, first of all because we have to have good weather conditions to use it.

In general all the work during this day was fantastic.

The other day we went outside and started to report the things that weren't alright in one of neighborhoods in Prishtina. Together with the other team members we were walking down this street, where we also found the first spot to be reported. It was a dangerous hole in the middle of the pedestrian area. We took a picture, waited for the report to be created, took notes and discussed briefly what could be done to fix this problem. We proposed first to put signs which would inform the pedestrians and they could see that there is a hole and that they do not get hurt until a permanent improvement is made. It will be a red object during the day and a white object during the night. Then we went further into the neighborhood and spotted other problemslike accumulation garbage, collapse risks due to inadequate construction, etc.

I remember taking a photo of some big pile of garbage and a citizen crossed by and told us "well there has been to many times people took a photo of this, but us residents never saw any results". This shows that they are tired of it, and they do not have anymore any hope for things to change, while also suggesting that there will be no effort by these community members to do anything about these problems in their neighborhood. From there we continued with a little break and then we visited a schoolyard where we found that from six basketball hoops in this yard only one had the rim. We also created this report and quickly moved to the neighborhood Qafa were we found a basketball hoop pole nearly collapsing on the small children who were playing there.

I am highly interested to see how our work over these last days will turn out as improvements in these communities. It is clear improvements in this part of the city of Prishtina are greatly needed. I would want to see the reaction of that women who told us that taking pictures of a problem does not actually solve the problem. We will prove that with the drive of young people everything is possible.

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