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I was on the lookout for projects where I would be able to contribute to my society. When I first saw by chance the Lokalizo page online it looked amazing to me. After reading about this project I understood they were looking to increase the awareness of community members, civil society and government about the social issues which affect our community. The best part of the objectives of Lokalizo are to explore ways to empower small groups of citizens or young people to contribute positively in the community where they live.

I was thrilled by the idea of being part of the project, and I was very happy to receive the news that I was accepted to become one of the first youth mappers of Lokalizo in the city of Prishtina.

Everything about Lokalizo looked interesting and fun. We were going to roam around the city, use a mobile application and create reports with it, while also flying the kite in the sky to gain the attention of people around the located problems increased my curiosity about the project. I could not wait for all of this to begin.

Unfortunately, I was not able to join on the first day of mapping, but I joined the team the next day. It was a beautiful sunny day. We took photos of places where we found problems and I learned how to use the Voices of Youth mobile app to create a report, which turned out very easy. As a tool I believe it will be very helpful for empowering my young peers. We have now completed mapping two neighborhoods in Prishtina and now are in the process of analyzing the problems about their urgency. We are going to contact different partners to talk together about what the best solutions are to the most pressing problems.

For me thus far it was a very good experience and I am very enthusiastic about what is to come because I always remember that I am doing something good for my community.

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