Look at yourself with love

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Look at yourself. You're the only one who can see through you. Stand in front of the mirror and look into your own damn eyes. And see the pain, the strength, the struggles and the laughter. The hurt and the distress. The smiles and the love. The beauty and the darkness.

See everything, all at once.

And dare to fall in love with yourself. Because at each sundown, you don't have anyone else but you, for yourself.

So I'll tell you that you were mistaken for not putting yourself first - for the sake of others who left. And not even once looked back. The ones who caused you abundant pain, and were also forgiven without an apology. These mistakes that you made in your sheer innocence, the ones you're not proud of are the mistakes that make you unique and incomparable.

But you see, you don't have to erase your mistakes to grow, because you can't. You only have to learn from them. Learn to put yourself first. Learn to be a little selfish…

Love everything and everyone, but make sure to love your own self a little more.

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