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After war,

Sprung this flower,

This rose.

After being pressured down,


It rebounded.

Proud of these scars,

Holding secrets,

This musk no one can understand.

Smell it, Look it,


Enlighten yourself with the mystifying nature,

Of a Women.

You cannot understand women unless you belong to the clan.


This flower was made to be loved,

Not to be understood.

Love us,

To get us.

Clicking in heels so confident,

Or sliding in with sneakers to slay.

Armed with this title,


Are bound to leap and succeed.

Its not the hidden beauty you should seek,

That’s not the solution to any puzzle.

But what reflects,

Is a soul.

Determined to leap.

Last year I debated the awareness to the world being a fifty-fifty,


I just try picturesque to you,

A women.

Its hard to describe,

Without volumes and volumes.

Take it as a never ending stream into a bigger ocean,

Because the world can’t revolve without women.

Us girls,

Yet queens,

Some unaware of the diamond,


It shaken's me up,

Knowing of the fights we women endure,

But faith remains, unshaken,

That we will one day get through,

And rule.

There is still that town living ancient,

In which a girl’s cry,

Is quickly drowned,

As she is tombed into the earth.

There are still people,

Who burn such goodness away,

And yet ask,

Why do they not succeed?

But Diamonds can’t be broken,

We won’t be anyhow silenced.

FGM is still practised,

Girls are forced to marry,

I bear this weight on my shoulder as a fellow women,

But I’m bound to not be weary.

I see today’s protests,

I have myself joined into the force,

To raise a voice of awareness,

That’s just our rainbow.

There is hope out there.

I see girls now more empowered,

With education.

I dictate with you our rights,

We are to join into this hike.

For Women Empowerment,

All around the globe.

Settling all matters once and for all.

There’s no such thing as a single women,

Its as glamorous girls all together.

Classy ladies,

Ready to click off all superstitious wines.

This time,

Know that we women are a tribe.

You wouldn’t really understand,

Unless you’re part of our clan.

But one thing’s certain.

Throw us any wolves,

And we’ll come back as a pack.

Happy International Women’s Day to my fellows. Stay strong and forever determined. A fire always under some enlightenment.

Nowadays people know the prices to everything, but the value of nothing, I quote Oscar Wilde. But the best thermometer to the progress of a nation, or humanity as whole, is the treatment of women. There still is a lot to be done to get better readings, but I see the first step taken, and that’s the beginning. I encourage every one reading this to join in this movement, much needed and finally starting. Pledge today to respect the value, the status, the diamond in every women. Love them, if not understand them. You’ll get there, maybe too.

Encouraging you to everyday, #BeBoldForChange

- Unitika Schlawenger

International Women's Day 2017.

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