Married Girls VS Uneducated Girls


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Girls on education

Girls on education

Some women are marginalized for receiving proper education, notably married girls. This is not common for men. It means that evidence about gender disparity in education is out. Apparently, most schools ranging from the elementary age to high school/secondary seniors authorize tight regulation for students. Some schools prohibit students to marry early. Thus, students don’t have the strength or the courage to neglect the regulations. The students may drop out of school.

From the above, it is implicit that married girls are lost and miss out on their education and classes. Not being accommodated by schools so that early marriage will be taboo in society especially someone who is aged at least 19 years old. There is no way and allowance to keep these girls in schools. Married girls will be uneducated and marginalized people in the realm of education.

In Java's past tradition before the emancipation, married girls had the chance just for pregnancy and cooking. As a consequence, women didn’t have the equality in education. Furthermore, it brought about low intelligence and skills they had although they had the same brain capacity.

The inequality education of gender between women and men is an indispensable and imperative case that should be dealt with as soon as possible. Why? Educated women will play important roles towards alleviating poverty, reproducing, and mitigating the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The applicable solution proposed here is by giving them the chance to be educated women. How? Develop skills and knowledge by placing them in school without gender disparities is a proposed solution by me.

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