Media and Prejudice on Youth

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Los Medios de Comunicación Argentinos y los prejuicios ...

"This thing is only just saw a TV program, a vision, a view, our interpretation of reality. It is a truth, but not the only one. We choose what to tell you, select images and testimonies, as do the media, a fact that building the news. Media should be responsible for what they say, as we are responsible for what we say in this program. "Final sentence of Television Program Discussion Media "In the Middle", Led by Gisela Busaniche. Argentina. Canal Encuentro. 2009.

As a result of globalization, we see emerge as the leading telecommunications power supply current. Clusters take advantage of their monopoly over the means of expression to "create" reality that favors their interests. One of the key that was affected by youth. This is often stereotyped, bringing down most cruel generalizations. Just look at the case of protests by students in Chile as a case example. The national media only made echo of incidents caused by small groups unconnected to the peaceful protests of the students (in a country where families are indebted to the head to ensure an education that the State does not guarantee a system that its president considered fair). International media only showed the "sitting" in the style of M. L. King opposite the Ministry of Education in Santiago. They said that Chileans were to learn the Argentine media for the violence used by police against demonstrators. The most reproduced in the world perhaps the esteoritipar of youth as "vague", "addict" and "violent". This image, which came up with the neoliberalism of the 90's, was extended on the basis of the representations that gave multinational media: always young in the style of "American" watching MTV (there is nothing wrong with that), or the destructor for the institutions, or an overly consumerist, and worse, lationamerica common, that of a violent and prone youth addictions that society does nothing. The latter, we can see in the attached video media in my country, is used for purposes as perverse as discuss a possible return to the "Military Service" in Argentina. I do not deny that these problems exist, but do not accept that I included in any of these views ignorant, who erased a fundamental principle of human: to be as we want to be. In addition, we must think seriously about what interests may be behind only provide some visions of "future-society people." They are doing a lot bigger. In my country, for example, passed a new law Comunicaión Audiovisal trying to avoid media concentrations, making them democratic. This law was taken as exemplary by the UN. But despite this, several groups are already launched measures (with judges who collaborated with the latest civil-military dictatorship in my country, incidentally) to avoid possible deconcentrations their big monopolies. Time to Think ...

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