Mental Health of Youth

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Neither we are child nor are we old

Foundations for development, we are gold.

We are in problem, who solves? Which benches?

In all directions, bounded by fences.

Appearance changes affect our mind

Peace for ourselves, where can we find?

Mental stress, pressure, tensions and depression

We can’t fully share our expression.

We lose, break ourselves & shed into tears

Lots of difficulties around covered with fears.

We just cry & cry but show fake smile

But heart floods through eyes & makes Nile.

We tackle with academics, society & career

But everywhere failure we bear.

Problems we face, unemployment is major

We try hard but find ourselves loser.

Smooth sea never makes skillful sailor

Youths must learn from own failure.

Should work hard, never lose hope

All the difficulties, we can cope.

Youths be strong & build self-confidence

We are able to clear difficult fence.

For the world, Youths are power & wealth

Please support us to revive our mental health.

For the day: 12th August is celebrated as “International Youth Day” & theme for 2014 is ‘Mental health of youth’.

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