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Dear world,

Hi. I am a student living in South Korea. Let me first tell you about my country, South Korea, in case you are not familiar with it. South Korea is a nation located on the east end of Asia. As the name tells you, it is the southern part of the Korean peninsula. The northern part is DPRK, commonly known as North Korea. The event that led us to the division is the Korean War which took place in 1950 - 1953. During this period, South Korea was considered as the second poorest country in the world. We didn't have anything - no food, no clothes, no houses, no nothing. People were dying of hunger, thirst, lack of medical support, and such. Seeing our poignant situations, other countries started to help us. They provided us with food, clothes, shelters, medications, and lots of other things in need. The most noticeable acts among these help was the start of 'Compassion.' Founded by Reverend Everett Swanson, the campaign enabled Korean children to get help and receive love from people all around the world. With this help, our country was able to stand up again, become 15th developed nation in the world, and help other countries in need, such as North Korea.

I want to tell you these two things through this example of ours. First is that it is the obligation of every single country to help other nations needing help. Not only by giving financial aid, but by providing them with love and attention.

Second is that the help should not be limited. Although North Korea is considered as South Korea's enemy by law, we still help them as much as possible. Like this, the assistance a nation provides should be regardless of politics, international animosities, and such.

By these, I am certain that the world will become a much better place to live.

Mister and Ms World, Even at this very moment, there are people who are dying from poverty and warfares. I beg you to help these people. Please!

Yours sincerely, a student from South Korea

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