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I am an ally and proud to be.

I am an ally and proud to be.

First of all, let me start by congratulating Oregon and Pennsylvania for struck down the ban on marriage equality. They did a great job on making the best decision for our future generation. Things like this make me believe that one day full equality will be achieved. I have hope that one day we all will be able to share the joy of acceptance and be happy without prejudices and judgements.

I remember back when I was still in school, I had a gay friend. He was constantly bullied for being too feminine. He was always the outcast. He would tell me how that situation upset him and how he wished for everybody to be nice to him.

I stood up for him a couple of times. I comfort him when he was in agony. I told my friends that we should accept people for who they really are. I started to educate them more about the LGBT community. No matter what I did, I would insert a message on equality into it.

Some would ask me why I kept protecting him. Is it because I’m gay myself? My answer was and still is simple. Everybody deserves love. Just because I’m protecting the LGBT community doesn’t mean that I’m gay. It means that I’m a loving and compassionate person. Sometimes, people need our support to be stronger and braver.

Day by day, I saw the changes with my own bare eyes. My friends were more accepting of who he was. Prejudice began to deplete to non-existence. As the result, he began to carve a smile on his face every day. That was my reward. I’d asked for nothing but a smile.

People asked me, “Aren't you scared to be an outcast because of your fight?” I told them that I may or may not be an outcast but that doesn’t worry me. I’ve heard people saying bad things about me because of this. People kept throwing their sticks and stones. I will never back down because I am doing the right thing.

My fellow youth, we are the new generation that will one day inherit the world. We don’t want a homophobic community bully our LGBT friends. We can make a difference. We can be the icon of peace, equality and love. Let us be the dawn of mankind to be respectful and loving despite of one’s sexual orientation.

One day, our children will ask us what do we did when we were young. Would you rather answer “We bullied the gays” or “We stand for the gays”? What would you rather be remembered as? The bully or the one who stand up against bullying. The choice is in our hands to move forward equality.

Thank you for your time.

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