Music Will Change Things

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So, my last post was actually about hearing the young one's speak. This article has a lot to do with it actually.

Charice Pempengo, is not a stranger to us. A was a young girl from humble beginnings and had a lot of talent. She had a beautiful voice and sang in the likes of Celine Deon, one of her greatest idols. She didn't have a good childhood. I'm quite certain she was waiting for her chance to be heard. When her voice was heard by David Foster alongside with Oprah Winfrey, her life changed.

What I am trying to portray here, is how music can change the fate of the younger generation. Look at Charice; thanks to music and singing, her life changed. People listened to her. I strongly believe that youth who are musically inclined should let their talent be discovered, and we should support them in return. Again, I'm saying this - youth always have a bigger message behind the things they do.

So, the next time you get to know a child who is passionate for music, instead of telling them that it's not going to take them far in life, tell them that you're waiting to hear more from them.

Cynthia, Penang.

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