My Conclusion-What matters most to youth?

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If you are wondering what I am concluding, kindly check the first two posts here and here.

It is great to know that our youth know what changes to expect and demand from our leaders for the benefit of society and national prosperity. After listening and interacting with many young people like myself, I have come up with some wrap-up points-or words of wisdom, like the older people say it here. I hope many youths find invaluable advice in these words.

1. Education is not just schooling

The ultimate aim of education, I believe, is to make of you a responsible person, who takes interest in a problem and seeks to solve it. Are you there yet?

As much as we want our schools to do all that, many schools in different parts of the world have yet a lot to do. Unfortunately, these changes may not happen while you are in school or even in your lifetime. As an individual, you must take responsibility for your education.

2. Graduating with good grades will not necessarily land you your dream job

Enough has been said about the alarming rates of youth unemployment and the global concerns around the issue. Again, this is one situation that may not change during your lifetime. I tell my friends in the university to check job portals everyday to determine if there are jobs for people in their field and if they have the required skills. I doubt that there are an adequate number of jobs for everyone with good grades. Prepare to really compete or create your own job.

3. Opportunities still come and go very fast

You must now know that this is the information age. This is the time when there is so much information to handle. Things are happening with lightning speed and yet you need to stay in sync with everything. Are you subscribing to the right materials and websites? Your life changing moment can varnish with that deadline of a coveted opportunity. If you do not get the chance to apply in good time or never heard about it, the opportunity flies past. Many opportunities would not come to you so you need to be ready for this possibility. Like these youngsters now being celebrated, you need to be prepared and properly positioned for your opportunity at all times.

4. Don’t just wait!

Have you, like me, noticed the “government should” trend? Africans need their governments to do so many things but it is taking long. Development is a long ride and corrupt practices make it protracted. In such situation, it is hard to accept it when you are told that change is being formed. Realise that we are that generation that needs to wait so here is my proposition: while we wait for our governments’ saving grace to become abundant, let’s make our life count somehow. This article has some ideas.

No, this is not pessimism. These are lessons from history. I hope this makes you want to get up and do all it takes to make the world a better place.

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